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Photographers and Video Creators have seen the improvement of audience engagement, time and time again by simply enhancing their studio lighting through high-grade photography lighting equipment. The Diva Ring Light will improve the overall appearance of a photo or video's subject by enhancing facial features and highlighting eyes. Multiple lights can be used on a set, even in compact spaces, to professionally brighten a stage and add depth to the background and eliminate flat, shallow looking sets. The Diva Ring Light is the ideal light for video blogging, portrait photography and creative music videos.

The Diva Ring Light Nova comes with the 5,400K Daylight bulb. This is the perfect temperature for making an indoor set look bright and sunny- even at night. 

The Diva Ring Light Nova and Super Nova have been used by many notable videographers and photographers including:

Beauty and Fashion Video Bloggers

  • Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek
  • Alexys Fleming of MadeULook by Lex